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Accounting Association

The OSU Accounting Association is a student organization at The Fisher College of Business for students with an interest in Accounting.

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi)

Professional Co-Ed Business Fraternity

American Marketing Association (AMA)

AMA seeks to help members find their passion within Marketing. We collaborate with top companies to present and network at weekly meetings to help our members receive valuable internship and full-time job opportunities and learn about diverse industries.

Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders (Ascend)

Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders' mission is to promote and to foster leadership skills and professionalism among Pan-Asian and all other interested students.

Asian Business Student Association (ABSA)

Founded in 1999, ABSA was created for Asian students and students who are interested in Asian Cultures. Our mission is to help our members grow professionally and individually through group exercises and informative presentations.

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

Beta Alpha Psi is an international honor organization for financial information students and professionals. Our biweekly meetings feature professional responsibilities, questions and challenges that constitute the study and practice of accounting/finance.

Big Data and Analytics Association (BDAA)

The BDAA inspires students to think analytically, empowers them through hands on training and connects them to employers.

Buckeye Capital Investors (BCI)

Buckeye Capital Investors is the foremost investment club at Ohio State and was originally founded in 2005. The mission of Buckeye Capital Investors is to educate members on the financial markets and how to actively invest and manage a portfolio.

Buckeye Operations Management Society (BOMS)

BOMS provides students the opportunity to network with peers, faculty, and professionals. BOMS’ ultimate mission is to be the premier recruiting resource for firms seeking the best and brightest operations students.

Buckeye Undergraduate Consulting Club (BUCC)

BUCC takes in high-achieving freshmen and sophomores to develop their critical thinking, presentation and networking skills. BUCC students then work on projects with real companies on a variety of topics to further enhance their skillset.

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